Jason Garrett: Yellow flags hurt red zone

IRVING, Texas -- All offseason long, Jason Garrett pointed to penalties as one of the Cowboys' primary problems in the red zone.

He has even more evidence after the Cowboys managed to score only seven points in the season opener. The Cowboys' failed on two of three trips to the red zone, with flags popping up both times.

Dez Bryant's offensive pass interference penalty didn't kill a drive, but it pushed the Cowboys back 10 yards. David Buehler missed a 34-yard field goal attempt.

And then there was Alex Barron's third holding penalty, which negated Roy Williams touchdown catch with time expired.

"You keep making that emphasis. You keep making that emphasis," Garrett said. "It’s not an effort issue. A lot of our penalties that are happening during a play are guys working hard to make a block or to do their job.

"Technically at times, it isn’t right and we get ourselves in compromising positions and make those penalties. It’s something we continue to address."