Wade Phillips: 'One game isn't a trend'

IRVING, Texas – Wade Phillips brushed off questions about the Dallas defense’s lack of turnovers and the offense’s red zone inefficiency.

“It is one game. We’ll see what happens,” Phillips said. “We’ll see what happens. One game isn’t a trend.”

No, but 16 games is a big enough sample size to identify trends.

The trends from last season show that a lack of turnovers and red zone inefficiency were probably the two biggest trouble areas for the Cowboys. The Cowboys forced only 21 turnovers, which ranked 27th in the league. They averaged only 4.48 points per trip into the red zone, which ranked 18th in the league.

Perhaps the sirens shouldn’t be sounded after the Cowboys failed to force a turnover and only scored seven points in three red zone trips in the season-opening loss to the Redskins. But the continuation of two troubling trends from last season ought to at least be cause for some concern.

“Well, this is a different team,” Phillips said. “We’re a different team.”

It’s a different team with the same coaching staff, same core of players and so far the same problems.

“Give us a chance to show what we can do,” Phillips said.

They get that chance every week. And they’ll be judged on a weekly basis.