Gerald Sensabaugh: 'Too much hype'

IRVING, Texas – Perhaps you've heard that the Super Bowl this season will be played in Jerry Jones' $1.2 billion football palace.

Some Cowboys are sick and tired of hearing about it.

"We ain't won a damn game yet," strong safety Gerald Sensabaugh said. "I don’t even want to hear nobody talking about the Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Really, can we just talk about the next game? There’s too much hype."

Of course, as Sensabaugh was making that point, Roy Williams stood about 5 yards away and discussed the Cowboys' chances to recover from an 0-2 start to live up to Super Bowl expectations.

"For you guys with microphones with pads and pens talking about us being Super Bowl favorite and the Super Bowl being at our stadium, it's kind of blown out proportion for this football team," Williams said. "Now that we are 0-2, now it's over.

"You won't say you were wrong. Now it's 'What's going on in Dallas? There is no more Super Bowl for this football team and yada yada yada.' We don't feel that way. I think with a lot of hard work it will get back on track."

I'll side with Sensabaugh. No more Super Bowl mentions from this keyboard until the Cowboys are at least a .500 football team.