Coach: Practices usually not problem

IRVING, Texas -– Wade Phillips doesn't see a problem with the Cowboys' practices.

Except the last one.

Phillips admits that the Cowboys had a poor practice Friday in front of a crowd that was touring JerryWorld at the time. That was reflected in Sunday's sorry performance in the loss to the Bears.

However, Phillips does not consider the Cowboys' practice habits a concern, no matter what Terence Newman said in the aftermath of the home loss.

"No, I do not," Phillips said. "Do I think it could be better? Sure. Do I think we had a bad practice Friday? Yes, we told them that in the meeting. We went back over it and said, 'Hey, we didn't practice well enough.'

"But I've also seen bad practices and teams play well, too. I thought we practiced well all week. I didn't think we had a good practice Friday, especially on defense, and we played that way."

Phillips is apparently a patient man. Most head coaches wouldn't stand for one poor practice leading to a loss.