Roy Williams: Cowboys 'back to earth'

IRVING, Texas -- Receiver Roy Williams came up with an interesting spin for the Cowboys' 0-2 start.

"With two losses, it’s going to help this football team," Williams said. "Bring us back to earth. It’s going to help us stay level-headed. Hopefully this is a lesson well learned for this football team."

Wasn't losing to a Washington team coming off a last-place finish enough to reduce the swelling in the Cowboys' heads? Why did they have to follow that up with another loss to a nonplayoff team to wake up?

If that's the case, the egos outweigh the intelligence at Valley Ranch.

Safety Gerald Sensabaugh put the hype in proper perspective when he said the Cowboys look great on paper and "like crap on the field." He's sick of the sense of self-entitlement he's seen creep into the locker room.

"There’s a sense that you can just show up and win," Sensabaugh said. "That’s not the case. That never happens. I don’t care who you have on your team. You don’t just show up and win."

It apparently took a couple of weeks for all of the Cowboys to get that clear.