Texans coach takes no offense to preseason excuses

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys chalked up the preseason butt-kicking they took from the Houston Texans to vanilla game plans.

That sounds like an excuse that might end up on some bulletin boards at the Texans' facility, but Houston coach Gary Kubiak insists that isn't the case.

"No, I don’t take offense to that at all," Kubiak said in a conference call with Valley Ranch reporters. "They didn’t do a lot. They were missing some players. They didn’t do much on defense at all from the standpoint of the variety of packages they have. But that’s just part of the game.

"Obviously we weren’t playing very good in the preseason when we got to that game and it was very important for us to gain confidence and play well as a team heading into the season."

The 2-0 Texans used the preseason to get ready for the regular season. What a concept.

The 0-2 Cowboys made excuses for their poor preseason, promising things would be different once the games really counted.

That hasn't happened so far, and the Cowboys will have their hands full Sunday in Houston. At least they'll have a game plan this trip.