DeMarcus Ware talks about meeting

IRVING -- Following Monday's players-only meeting several Cowboys players were told not to reveal what was said and how it was said to reporters.

Even coach Wade Phillips didn't know what was said.

Before Thursday's practice, outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware revealed what was said.

"I think the meeting was really productive," he said. "It was just guys saying we got to get back to fundamentals. We're not getting beat by teams, were 0-2 getting beat that way, but we're beating ourselves with the mistakes that we're making."

Ware noted several veteran players like himself, Bradie James, Jason Witten and Tony Romo have stepped up from a leadership standpoint to get this team going.

There is some frustration on the team about the number of penalties. The Cowboys have committed 18 penalties, the sixth-most in the NFL.

"A lot of guys are frustrated about that and that’s the main thing," Ware said. "A lot of the leaders are stepping up, me, Bradie, Romo [and] Witten are saying, 'Hey we can't make any mistakes in practice and that’s where it starts.' It starts in practice and it's going to carry over into the game."

Wednesday's practice was pretty crisp yet there were four missed field goals from David Buehler and a few dropped passes. Ware did say Wednesday was an uptempo practice and he's hoping things carry over not only into Thursday's session but to the game on Sunday.

"I did feel a lot more intensity," Ware said. "A lot of the guys are lot more focus, a lot more communication because that’s where it starts. It starts with guys taking that leadership role getting out there and everybody feeling comfortable with each other. We had certain guys in-and-out and everything but when everybody is out there talking and feeling comfortable with what they're doing we had a real good practice yesterday."