Jerry Jones won't 'trash our kicker'

IRVING, Texas – Jerry Jones didn’t take kindly to being grilled about the Cowboys’ struggling kicker.

During an appearance on KRLD-FM, Jones said no when asked if this was “judgment week” for David Buehler, who has missed half of his four field-goal attempts in the Cowboys’ two losses.

“I think we’ve got a fundamentally sound kicker,” Jones said. “I hope he doesn’t have to make it, but I hope he can make a winning field goal this week.”

When pressed on the issue, Jones raised his voice and went off on a pretty good rant. This came on the heels of coach Wade Phillips coming to Buehler’s defense before being asked any questions during Thursday’s press conference.

“We’re not debating this,” Jones said. “Do you think I want to sit here and trash our kicker [with] him lining up against the Texans to help us beat them?

“I mean, honestly, would you want me to sit here and show doubt with our kicker and him having to go down there Sunday and kick? You don’t think what we say might not get back to him, do you? But seriously, but seriously, what would you have me say? We’re going to get rid of the kicker?”

In other words, the Cowboys’ brass has made a conscious decision to keep quiet about any confidence issues with the kicker.