Wade Phillips ties Bum with 82 career wins

IRVING -- Something that got lost in the Cowboys' 27-13 victory over the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon is Wade Phillips tying his father, Bum Phillips, with 82 career victories.

Wade Phillips is 82-56, counting interim starts in New Orleans and Atlanta. Bum Phillips had a career record of 82-77.

Phillips tried to downplay the significance of tying his dad, but later said, "It proves I've been in it a long time. I mean, he's my hero. I think he's one of the greatest coaches that I've ever been around. I've been around several Hall of Fame head coaches. I've been around guys with 200 wins. He's the best I've ever been around."

Phillips, who got 50 tickets for the game, said the victory was special for him because he had family members at the game, including his sisters, who live in the Houston area.

Bum Phillips did not attend the game, which was OK with Wade Phillips, because he knew he dad wasn't going to leave the ranch to drive to Houston.