Jerry's pretending isn't a problem

Some folks, including my friends Ben and Skin on ESPN 103.3, got all worked up after reading Jerry Jones' most recent colorful quote to USA Today.

"You know what we're doing? We're pretending. I'm pretending.

"It's a luxury to be able to do it this bye week. And I asked our coaches to do the same thing: 'Let's pretend for a few days here that we're 0-3 and try to run that tape forward and feel how it would feel (to be winless) and how you'd be being criticized.

"Let's get all that on us because we've got an opportunity to do it.

"It's like Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life. You've got a chance now, and then you wake up and say, 'That's not the case, and say, 'Hey, let's go.'

"That'll cause you to do maybe that little extra thing during this bye week that will help us maybe not have that feeling again.''

There's really no need to overreact to the semantics from this sample of Jerry rambling. Here's a rough translation of what he meant: The Cowboys need to keep the same sense of urgency and desperation that they had last week.

Of course, Jerry rarely puts things in plain and simple terms. He tends to twist and turn, often in strange manners, while making his points.

But what's wrong with the owner/general manager wanting the Cowboys to sustain the us-against-the-world attitude they had last week, when they whipped a pretty good Texans team? It's silly to pretend that there's some great problem with Jerry's desire to see that happen, no matter how bizarre his elaboration.