Are the Tennessee Titans dirty?

IRVING -- The Cowboys' Sunday opponent, the Tennessee Titans, come to Cowboys Stadium after being accused of playing a dirty game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton called Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan cheap after he punched Broncos guard Chris Kuper after his helmet popped off.

"If that's the type of player Cortland Finnegan wants to be, well then he's a cheap player, not a good player," Orton told reporters according to the Denver Post on Sunday.

Monday, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and Titans coach Jeff Fisher offered differences of opinion on what happened in Sunday's game.

"I was proud of our team because we knew that was the kind of game it was going to be," McDaniels said. "You can put any tape you want to of Tennessee and there's going to be 10 penalties. You either coach it or you allow it to happen. That's how I look at that."

Said Fisher: "We play aggressive — we don't play cheap. If there's things after the whistle or during the play, players are fined for them. But we're not a cheap football team. I don't know what he's referring to."

In the Denver game, Tennessee drew 10 penalties for 111 yards. This year, the Titans have been called for an NFL-high six personal foul penalties and are tied for second in the league with 42 penalties called overall. Dallas hasn't been called for any personal fouls but is seventh in the league in penalties with 36.

So what does coach Wade Phillips think about all of this?

"You have to play with poise no matter what," he said. "I don't know all the problems, I have heard them. We're going to try not to get involved in that."

When asked if he's seen anything on tape that would indicate the Titans are dirty, Phillips said, "I haven't seen anything. No"

Chippy? "I don't know about that. We hadn't played them. Some teams talk a lot, some teams don't, I don't have any feel for that. I do see what the other team said about them."

This might be the most physical game of the season for the Cowboys. In two preseason games, Jerry Jones said the opponent was more physical than his team, but we haven't heard that said through three regular season games.

Dallas might have to become the aggressor from the start against the Titans to set the tone.

"You can tell they play hard and you can tell they've been coached that way," tight end Jason Wittensaid. "They rally to the ball and that's the way it's been for awhile. Effort and motor, that's what they pride themselves in doing. When you watch them on film, it kind of jumps out at you."