Mike Jenkins has miserable day

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Mike Jenkins, a Pro Bowler last season, probably had the worst game of his professional career Sunday.

Jenkins committed two pass interference penalties on the opening possession of the game, accounting for 48 yards on the Titans’ 80-yard touchdown drive. Jenkins got burned by Kenny Britt on a deep ball for a 52-yard gain, setting up a tie-breaking field goal in the third quarter.

Jenkins was credited with one pass breakup, but that’s a nice way to say that he dropped what should have been an easy interception.

Britt’s big play wasn’t the first time Jenkins, an aggressive cornerback, got beaten deep this season. Chicago’s Johnny Knox got behind him for a 59-yard gain to key a touchdown drive during the Bears win at Cowboys Stadium.

Jenkins at least gets credit for offering no excuses.

“I got beat deep. That’s it,” Jenkins said. “There’s nothing else. You all saw it. There ain’t no cleaning up. I’ve just got to make a play.”