Felix Jones flourishes with larger role

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Is there any question that Felix Jones should be the Cowboys’ lead running back for the foreseeable future?

Jason Garrett finally granted Jerry Jones’ wish Sunday. The Cowboys lost to the Titans, but the running game certainly wasn’t to blame.

Felix Jones rushed for 109 yards on 15 carries. That’s his highest yardage total in a regular-season game, and it matched his most carries.

“I call him Black Dynamite,” Roy Williams said. “I mean, he’s exciting. He can break it at any moment, just like Chris Johnson. Those are two of the exact same kind of backs.”

Marion Barber was a ceremonial starter, with Jones getting in the game on the next play. Barber carried six times for 19 yards.

It appears clear that Jones is the Cowboys’ biggest threat out of the backfield. However, Garrett said he isn’t ready to commit to Jones as the lead horse despite the results against the Titans.

“Game situations dictate how much a guy is going to get the ball,” Garrett said. “[Jones] was in there, got some opportunities and took advantage of them.

“That’s almost a week-to-week type thing. Marion got some shots, too. I thought he ran the ball well. We like our backfield. We like the different guys that are playing.”

Perhaps Garrett is just being coy, as Jerry Jones described the offensive coordinator’s public statements this week that indicated that getting the ball to Felix Jones wasn’t being emphasized any more than it was before the bye week.

It’s either that, or Garrett’s crazy.