Brad Childress compares Cowboys-Vikings problems

IRVING -- On a Wednesday morning conference call with reporters, Vikings coach Brad Childress compared the problems of his team and the Cowboys.

The two teams meet on Sunday.

A few things are noticeable.

The Cowboys rank 29th in kickoff coverage (opponents average start is 30.8) and the Vikings are 28th (30.2).

Dallas is tied for 27th in turnover ratio at -4. Minnesota is tied for 30th at -6.

The Cowboys and Vikings have been called for a combined 71 penalties this season.

"You probably see some of the same turnover issues, whether it be a sack, or a sack strip, or somebody putting the ball on the ground, they have the ability to be explosive on offense without a doubt," Childress said. "I don’t know how much they’re turning the football over or how many takeaways they’ve had, but usually those things lend themselves to each other."

One would think Sunday's game is a must-win game for both teams. Sort of a loser leaves town type of game.

Unlike the Vikings, the Cowboys haven't made any significant roster changes or made lineup change. Though Leonard Davis was benched in the first half of the Titans loss for Montrae Holland, he will remain in the starting lineup.

The Vikings of course, traded for wide receiver Randy Moss.

"We were 0-2 and played Detroit and people wanted to say that was a must-win," Childress said. "You look at it like you’ve got to win every single game. I mean, we’ve got no business. People talk about a tough October. Hey, we’ve got a tough one week. We had a tough one Monday night. We have a tough one coming up against the Dallas Cowboys. Two teams that are trying to get their ship righted."