Hudson Houck believes in offensive line

IRVING --The Cowboys offensive line is coming off a rough game against the Tennessee Titans last week.

They gave up six sacks, whether it was the line's fault or coverage-sacks, six sacks is six sacks. Left tackle Doug Free missed a block allowing a Tony Romo pass to get tipped at the line of scrimmage that was eventually intercepted.

Starting right guard Leonard Davis was benched for Montrae Holland and there was the unsportsmanlike penalty against right guard Marc Colombo that led to a go-ahead touchdown.

Overall, offensive line coach Hudson Houck said he feels good about his unit.

"I feel good about this group," he said before Cowboys' practice on Wednesday. "You got to look at the overall. We averaged 6.1 yards per rush last week and we're improving in that particular area."

This week the Cowboys take on the Vikings, who have just nine sacks in 2010, but are ranked fifth overall in defense.

In last season's NFC divisional playoff game, the Vikings sacked Tony Romo six times at the Metrodome.

"This week we're going in the worst stadium to play in against probably questionably one of the best defenses, personnel wise in the entire league," Houck said. "Now, they don't have all the answers right now either, they're struggling a little bit like we are, because of wins. They're defensive front, I don't want to underrate what we just played against, [but] they had six sacks the week before they played us. They're a pretty good group, but the group we're playing is really, maybe the best we'll face all year, along with the New York Giants."