DeMarcus Ware: 'Every game after this is elimination.'

IRVING -- The Cowboys are 1-3 and we've documented how bad this has gotten for the group that plays at Cowboys Stadium.

With a road game coming on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, one more loss could mean doom. It should be noted the Vikings are also 1-3 and have struggled just as badly as the Cowboys.

The rest of season is on the brink it would seem.

"I think every game after this is elimination," outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware said. "If you lose this game, the next game is even worse. How do you feel if you're coming out of this game 1-4? [A] 2-3 [record] sounds better and that's what you want. You want to get those numbers on the front end."

To win this game, the running attack will be key. Last week, the Cowboys allowed Titans running back Chris Johnson to rush for 131 yards on 19 carries with two touchdowns.

Sunday the Cowboys must contain Adrian Peterson, who leads the ninth best rushing attack in the league. Peterson is the NFL's leading rusher at 480 yards on 88 carries.

Peterson was held, if you will, to just 88 yards rushing in the loss to the New York Jets on Monday.

"He's one of the hardest runners in the NFL," Ware said. "It doesn't get any easier. You've got to be ready for a guy like Adrian who can catch the ball out of the backfield, run the ball really hard. We've got to be physical and we've got to be physical up front, especially the front seven."