Wade Phillips: Tony Dungy wasn't good QB

IRVING, Texas -- Wade Phillips went into Mother Bear mode when informed of Tony Dungy’s comments on NBC regarding the affect of Tony Romo’s turnovers on his leadership ability.

Phillips offered politically correct praise about Dungy’s coaching ability but passive-aggressively attacking his credibility as an analyst.

“I know he told everybody that New Orleans was going to kill us last year and we had no chance,” Phillip said. “I don’t know his credibility that way, but I know as a coach, he was a heck of a coach.”

Then Phillips really got feisty, bringing up Dungy’s brief, ugly history as an NFL quarterback.

“We played against him when he was in Pittsburgh and he turned it over several times,” Phillips said. “We knocked [Terry] Bradshaw out of the game, and he came in. I believe he fumbled the first snap.”

Phillips was referring to the Houston Oilers’ 27-10 win over the Steelers on Oct. 9, 1977. Dungy, a college quarterback who played defensive back in the NFL, was forced into emergency duty under center when Bradshaw and backup Mike Kruczek were knocked out of the game. Dungy had more turnovers (four) than completions (three), throwing two interceptions and losing two fumbles.

So, for the record, Dungy was a great coach, isn’t so hot as an analyst and was an awful quarterback?

“He wasn’t a very good quarterback,” Phillips said.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Dungy lacks the credibility to criticize the quarterbacks in the league. It’s just that Phillips gets sensitive when any of his players get called out.