Olshansky: 'Everybody should be uneasy'

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys defensive end Igor Olshansky said it might be good for the Cowboys to be in a bit of a panic mode after Sunday's loss dropped them to 1-4 on the season. Only five teams since the current playoff format was adopted in 1990 have gone from 1-4 to make the playoffs, the last being the 2004 Green Bay Packers.

"Everybody should be a little bit uneasy about where we are," Olshanksy said. "It’s not like we have many more weeks. The margin of error is getting very small for us. So we have to really focus and step it up a notch."

Olshansky said the team has plenty of pride and they won't be giving up on their pre-season goals.

“We play this game to win a championship," Olshansky said. "We don’t come out here just to be average and just to say we play in the National Football League. We play this game to win."

Olshansky remains confident the Cowboys can turn it around.

"We’re 1-4 and I think the record speaks for itself," Olshansky said. " But we dominate teams as far as yards and moving the ball, time of possession, stopping teams from moving the ball down the field. Big plays, yes, that’s one of the things on defense has been to limit big plays. But it’s not like they are just coming in there and imposing their will. I think we’re imposing our will. But the team that make the least mistakes in this game are going to win."