Wade Phillips trying to deal with penalties

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said 24 different players have accumulated the club's 49 penalties, including 11 more on Sunday for 91 yards.

The 49 flags are third-most in the NFL behind the Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders. They have 30 penalties on offense, which leads the NFL. The flags are clearly a team problem.

Phillips said he and the coaching staff were going to look at some other ways to help limit the penalties. But he's not convinced that simply fining them works.

"It depends on the team and the players," Phillips said. "Some of them respond to money. Most of them respond to peer pressure. You’re hurting the team. That’s really where you get to a player more than anything, more than cussing him out, more than fining him. Some of them make an awful lot of money. You or I would say, 'Hey geez, I can’t afford this.' Some guys say, 'Oh well, I got fined.'

"It’s different with each player and probably with each team. Overall, it’s really the team itself and bringing it out and being accountable. That’s why we always talk about that. Everybody is accountable to each other."

Phillips wants to be careful not to take away his team's aggressive play, either, by making them scared to make a penalty.

"I think there is a line in there that aggressive teams or teams that have some penalties in games win games," Phillips said. "They’re not all losers because they have penalties. We’ve had the ball a lot more than everybody else. I still think, and I may be wrong, but I think you have more penalties if you have more offensive plays. There’s more things that can happen offensively. There’s a line where you have too many that cost you drives or field goals or touchdowns. There is a fine line there. We’ve gone over the line."