Phillips says team still thinks it can win

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips says he knows the difference between a 1-4 team that may not think it can ever win again and one that feels like they've got the talent and ability to get it done.

"I guess we think we’re a better 1-4 team than some teams that are 1-4," Phillips said. "I mean mentally. They don’t think they might not win the next game. I still think they think they’re going to win this next game. Now, we’ve got work to do and all that. We’ve got quite a few more games. We just need to win one."

Phillips talked about being on some teams that had a losing record and were not as good a team as the Cowboys.

"I’ve been on some, way back, but I’ve been on some that we all knew it was going to be tough to win the next game," Phillips said. "When we were in New Orleans and they won only one game the year before when we went there, we didn’t have a lot of players and a tough division. We knew it was going to be tough to even win a game. It’s tough to win every game. I don’t mean that. But I think confidence when you ask about confidence, I still think we’re confident that we can go in if we play our best."

The Cowboys will need that confidence against the Giants on Monday night. Of course, they'll also need better execution and fewer penalties. Those are both things Phillips vows to work on this week. Stay tuned.