Mike Jenkins is being watched

Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins has been called for team-high four pass interference penalties and one illegal contact penalty.

Opposing teams are targeting Jenkins on a regular basis due to his aggressive play because if he messes up, penalty or bad coverage, it means a completion.

Well if you thought the Minnesota Vikings were a stretch-the-field offense, try the New York Giants, which visits Cowboys Stadium on Monday night.

Quarterback Eli Manning is tied for third in the league with 21 completed passes of 20 or more yards and receivers Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith are ranked in the Top 10 in catches. Nicks also has eight receptions of 20 or more yards and Mario Manningham has seven.

Jenkins, regardless who he covers, will be a busy man on Monday night.

At least all of his pass interference penalties have occurred with him getting beat or having poor technique. He's athletic and fast enough to cover most if not all the top receivers in the league, but he's going through a difficult stretch.

And because of his penalties, referee's might watch him a little more. In the last two weeks, he's got more pass interference penalties (three) than pass breakups (two).

"He’s an aggressive player," coach Wade Phillips said of Jenkins. "That’s why he’s been a good player for us. There are certain things he can’t do. I don’t know if they’re watching or not watching if a guy has one in one game and another in the next game, but he needs to know the spotlight is on him and he needs to make sure he’s in good position and his footwork and all of those things."