Cowboys will look for big name coach

Before you get excited, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he's not firing Wade Phillips.

He believes in what Phillips is doing and is hopeful for a turnaround from this 1-4 start.

Saying all that, the Cowboys chances of making the postseason is pretty slim. Dallas' next six games could determine a lot because five of those games are within the conference and two in the division against the New York Giants.

But if the Cowboys fail to achieve their goals, and right now it's to make the playoffs, Phillips could get fired.

He wasn't fired after the 2008 season where he team had a chance to clinch a playoff berth with a victory in the regular season finale vs. the Eagles only to lose, 44-6.

But if Phillips is let go, ESPN's Adam Schefter believes Jones will hire a big name.

"And should this continue, the Cowboys are going to make some wholesale changes for next year," Schefter writes in a chat. "Start thinking big ... like Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, John Fox, coaches of that caliber."