Jerry Jones tells team to put up or shut up

IRVING -- On Monday, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones spoke to his team and outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware took one message from it:

"Actually, put up or shut up," Ware said before Cowboys practice on Thursday. "That's what I got. 'You guys, we have everything in place, I made the team sort of what it is right now. Everybody is playing well on this team, the thing is the way that we're playing sort of like [selfish], undisciplined so we got to find some way to stop being our own Achilles heel and win some games.' "

Ware said Jones' deameanor was stern and that it's not a happy-go-lucky time.

"I think just him being the owner he always expects more," Ware said. "And we expect more out of ourselves because we're playing good ball and giving all the effort but we're getting out there and making stupid penalties and just stupid plays."

The Cowboys have held several meetings this year, the player's only meeting after the 0-2 start, coach Wade Phillips talks to the team on a daily basis about certain things.