Drew Pearson takes shots at Dez Bryant

IRVING -- Former Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson didn't like how Dez Bryant, the latest wide receiver to wear No. 88, acted on the sidelines during Sunday's loss at Minnesota.

Bryant was seen yelling on the sidelines, but what was said is unclear.

"He needs to quit tripping," Pearson said Monday on the Ben and Skin show on 103.3 FM. "If he wants the ball, practice. You're missing practice. You're always hurt. You're a rookie earn your stripes."

Cowboys wide receivers coach Ray Sherman, who spent two years coaching Terrell Owens, another sidelines agitator, said Bryant is always involved in the game. Sherman thought it was unfair of Pearson to take some shots at Bryant for yelling on the sidelines.

Bryant said he's very passionate about football and he yells encouragment to his teammates. It's something he's done since high school.

"You have to understand this is a little different from when he played," Sherman said in regards to Pearson's comments about Bryant. "You got some guys who are high energy guys. Dez is young, he’s an emotional guy, he just gets involved. He's very involved in the ball game. I'm not going to hold that against a player because he yells or does certain things. I want to make sure it's controlled and don’t let it effect you when you go out to the next play."

Sherman said Bryant wasn't disrespectful on the sidelines, in fact, the rookie receiver was asking for more touches to help the team but was also yelling for his teammates to do good things.

"I don’t mind a guy yelling," Sherman said. "It's not disrespectful he could be yelling at the guys, 'Come on let's go' and that’s why guys have to be careful. Why is he doing that? He might be yelling at the team: 'Come on guys let's go.' They don’t hear what he says, so how can you criticize a guy when you don’t even know what he’s saying?"

Pearson, who loves Bryant's talent, wishes the rookie be seen and not heard, but in today's game that's not happening. Pearson comes from a different era when rookies were quiet, but he even admits he complained about not getting enough passes from Roger Staubach.

Pearson said it didn't work.

What also bothered Pearson is Bryant's failure to catch a fourth quarter third-down catch. Bryant said he should have made the catch but turned his head around too late as a Tony Romo pass was coming his way.

"Dez has to earn his stripes and quit tripping," Pearson said. "And it's not about him, it's about the team if he thought it was more about the team than himself, he would have made that catch in that tough situation that’s what I want to see from No. 88."