Cowboys season starts tonight

We understand the standings.


The Cowboys are 1-4 and dead last in the NFC East. Nothing they do tonight, a game vs. the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium, will change their place in the standings. But a win over the Giants could be the start of something.

Five of the next six games on the schedule are against the NFC with two division games. Dallas has to win at least four of these conference games and at worst split the division games to have any chance to reach the postseason.

Dallas is a dismal 0-3 within the conference and while they look up the standings, the Giants are 3-0 in conference and the Redskins are 4-1. Even the Eagles are 3-2 in the conference.

There is only one team undefeated in the division, the scrapy Redskins at 2-0.

Monday night is the first division game of the year for the Giants who don't play the bulk of their rivals until November and December.

When it comes to tiebreakers division, conference and head-to-head games are looked at to determine who makes the postseason. The Cowboys have no advantage in these areas but the next six weeks could turn things in their favor.

"The bulk of our schedule, meaning the NFC East part of it is coming up quick," outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware said. "If we can get a lot of these games behind us, get some type of wins under our belt, like right now against the Giants this week, that will really help us out."