Tony Romo out closer to eight weeks

A CT Scan on Tuesday morning revealed Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's fractured left clavicle will cost him anywhere from six-to-eight weeks.

A source said it will probably be closer to eight weeks and that he will not need surgery.

Romo suffered the injury with 12:07 to play in the second quarter after completing a pass to wide receiver Miles Austin. Romo was hit by Giants weakside linebacker Michael Boley, who came on a blitz. Romo's left shoulder crashed into the turf as Boley tackled him to the ground.

"I tried lifting my shoulder and it hurt like heck, but I was like, OK, it will just keep getting better," said Romo, who suffered the same injury to his right shoulder when he was a teenager. "The adrenaline of the game will allow me to [play], it's my left shoulder, I don't need to use it too much. I will figure out a way what I can handle when I'm out there, but that was before I knew it was broken."