Wade Phillips and the coaching situation

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- It's easy to say Wade Phillips has problems or is the problem.

His team is 1-6, winless at home, winless in the conference and division and mired in a four-game losing streak.

Phillips' team has tuned him out despite the fact he's changed the practice schedule and is relying on veteran players to help him out.

Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones is asked on a weekly basis about Phillips' job status, and things won't get easier if the Cowboys lose tonight at Green Bay.

But things could be worse.

Check out this story from Minnesota on Brad Childress.

If and when the Cowboys' search for a new coach begins, it's probably time for Jones and the rest of the front office to think outside the box and hire a young coach. A young coach that commands the respect of his locker room.

Jones tried to do this when he hired Jason Garrett to be his offensive coordinator and later moved him to an assistant head coach role. Garrett has failed in the assistant head coach area because if he had more respect in the locker room, he might be running things right now. Garrett is a chain-of-command type of guy, which is fine. But sometimes you need to speak up more, be a rebel, especially at a time when things are going haywire.

Here's how a young coach in Tampa Bay, Raheem Morris, is inspiring the team. He makes a reference to the 1990s Cowboys when he says: "I grew up watching those young Cowboys teams, Aikman, Irvin and those guys, and they came into games and they weren't fearful of anyone."

Think Phillips inspires anyone?

St. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo has turned things around in his city. A good young coach the front office believes in.

Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch talks about it here.

Phillips is a good coach and an excellent teacher, but his soft ways of doing things have caught up to him and he needs to get on his players a lot more. Phillips will tell you he's not going to cuss people out. People that know him will say that's being phony if that's not in your DNA.

Whatever is in Phillips' DNA is not working for this team, and he needs to change it.