Who will be the next full-time coach?

Ten possible candidates to become the Cowboys' next full-time coach, with odds:

John Fox: 2-1 -- Jones family loves the Carolina coach, but he has to finish the season first

Jason Garrett: 5-1 -- The front-runner if he can turn the 1-7 season around into a positive

Jim Harbaugh: 8-1 -- A dark horse who is young and will make players accountable

Jon Gruden: 10-1 -- A tough hire; he might prefer to coach in the Midwest

Mike Zimmer: 10-1 -- He knows the Cowboys' way of doing things but has never been a head coach

Brian Schottenheimer: 12-1 -- An up-and-coming coach who seems to push players, especially the quarterback

Bill Cowher: 20-1 -- Cowher wants power to come out of retirement, but Cowboys might not give it to him

Leslie Frazier: 30-1 -- A defensive-minded coach who is quiet and firm

Rob Ryan: 45-1 -- Fiery defensive coordinator who comes from a good coaching family

Tony Dungy: 100-1 -- He likes retirement, but will the lure of the Cowboys bring him back?