Mike Jenkins responds to Jim Mora Jr.

IRVING, Texas -- There were all sorts of bad football plays in the Cowboys' 45-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers last Sunday night

But one play stuck with former NFL coach and current NFL Network analyst Jim Mora Jr. On a third-quarter 10-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to James Jones, cornerback Mike Jenkins held up from attempting to tackle Jones at the goal line as safety Gerald Sensabaugh hit him.

After the play, Jenkins put his head down as the Packers celebrated taking a 35-7 lead.

Mora in talking about the play said the Cowboys should cut Jenkins.

"To me, this is high treason," Mora said. "An NFL football player does not turn down a play like that. And if I’m Jason Garrett, the first thing that I’m doing when I take over as the head coach of this team, is I’m getting guys like that — number 21, who absolutely committed treason, let his team down by passing up a tackle and let the ball get in the end zone — I’m taking him and I’m getting him out of my locker room."

Jenkins said he didn't perform well in Sunday's game and said he gave up on the play where he should have tackled Jones. But he thought he bounced back after not making the play on Jones.

Jenkins didn't know Mora had ripped him until he was told by a reporter.

"My main goal is not to listen to Jim Mora and whoever else is talking," Jenkins said. "It's to finish strong and on a good terms. I'm not worried about a Jim Mora. The only person I'm worried about right now is Jason Garrett. Jim Mora is not my coach."

It's not the first time Jenkins has whiffed on a tackle. In his rookie year, he missed a hit on Giants running back Derrick Ward as he ran into the end zone. At that time, Jenkins said he thought the safety was going to make the tackle.

There are some outside the Cowboys locker room who said Jenkins quit in the Packers game, and the third-year corner said people can say whatever they want.

"Everybody has their own opinion," Jenkins said. "I'm not going to let it get me down."