QB McGee likely won't start this season

IRVING, Texas – Jerry Jones danced around the question, but it isn’t difficult to read between the lines.

Barring an injury to Jon Kitna, don’t expect to see second-year quarterback Stephen McGee start a game this season. It’s much more likely that Tony Romo will return from a broken left collarbone to play in December than it is for McGee to be handed the keys to the Cowboys’ offense down the stretch.

“At this juncture, I wouldn’t guess on that,” Jones said on KRLD-FM. “But certainly, we have eight games left, half our season. We’re going to play every game, every game to win and give us a chance to win. Jon Kitna can play football games well enough to win football games in the NFL. That’s just where we are there. As we move forward, Tony will get better and we’ll have him as a potential to be available.”

The reason for playing McGee would be to evaluate the quarterback who the Cowboys drafted in the fourth round last season. They need to determine whether he’s a good developmental project or if they should draft another quarterback in April.

However, evaluating the interim coach is a much bigger priority for the Cowboys. In order for Jason Garrett to get as fair an evaluation as possible, he has to be given the best possible chance to win, which means McGee will stay on the sideline.

But McGee should at least get some mop-up time, right? That didn't even happen the last two weeks despite the Cowboys getting blown out.

"Whenever you’re behind in a football game, we’re going to keep fighting," Garrett said after acknowledging that McGee needs playing time to develop. "We’re going to keep fighting and playing and keep our best people out there as much as we can without putting them in harm’s way."

Of course, the Giants could eliminate the Cowboys’ other options at quarterback. After all, Romo was the fifth quarterback that New York knocked out of a game this season.