Why won't Jerry Jones hire GM?

IRVING, Texas – For better or worse, Jerry Jones won’t change the way he runs the Cowboys.

He has repeatedly made it clear that he’ll never hire another person to serve as general manager. That will always be his job, one of many that he has as the owner/president/NFL television chairman/fight promoter and unofficial king of Cowboys marketing.

Jerry explained on KRLD-FM this morning that most franchises hire and fire general managers every four years or so, so he believes the Cowboys have the advantage of stability at that spot. He also indicated that he considers general managers to be an unnecessary element of owners’ decision-making processes.

“The owner is going to be here on a daily basis, doing the homework, doing the work,” he said. “Why add [a separate general manager] to the equation? That creates multiple issues. Harder to find where the problem is. At least I know when I look in the mirror where the problem is.”

Not sure Jerry meant for the last sentence to come out the way it did. But he is well aware that a lot of critics do consider him to be the Cowboys’ biggest problem.

Dan Reeves, who worked for Jerry Jones for about a day last year before they mutually decided to part ways, said the unique structure under Jones is a challenge for the Cowboys.

“There’s a lot of different ways to get things done and Jerry’s won a championship there doing it his way and, you know, it can be done,” Reeves said on SIRIUS NFL Radio. “But you’ve got to have people working together and everybody on the same page. And there’s got to be a chain of command.

“I just think it’s very difficult when you have a situation where people can bypass the head coach and get something done. You need to have a focus and somebody to know who they’re trying to please, and I don’t know that that’s the case there in Dallas.”

That won’t change any time soon.