Game delayed due to power failure

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The lights at the New Meadowlands Stadium went out twice in the second half between the Cowboys and Giants.

A bank of lights went out at the start of the second play of the half after a Jon Kitna incompleted pass. The lights going out caused a five minute delay.

The second time the lights went out, the Giants were driving in Cowboys territory when the entire stadium lost power. The game is currently in a delay.

Some fans got into a fight in the lower level and one fan, wearing a DeMarcus Ware jersey was escorted from his seat.

Update: The lights are back on. With 10:50 left in the third quarter, most of the lights returned allowing for one play. But the game was delayed a third time with 10:26 remaining when FOX, who is broadcasting the game, didn't get back to showing the game because it moved toward another contest.