QB: No WR runs like 'violent' Dez Bryant

IRVING, Texas -- Jon Kitna considers Dez Bryant’s ability to run after the catch beyond comparison, at least when it comes to wide receivers.

Kitna mentioned one of the league’s elite running backs and arguably the best running back of all-time when discussing Bryant’s style with the ball in his hands.

“It’s almost as if people around him are irrelevant,” Kitna said. “His goal is to get to the goal line and if you just happen to be in the way, you’re in the way. He’s kind of like Adrian Peterson out there.”

Any receiver who comes to mind like that?

“That violent? That’s pretty violent,” Kitna said. “It’s hard for me to even think about that. It’s like a Walter Payton mentality.”

Statistically speaking, Bryant is actually the Cowboys’ second-best receiver after the catch. According to Stats Inc., Bryant has 204 yards after the catch, an average of 4.98 per reception. Miles Austin ranks second in the league among receivers with 306 yards after the catch (6.51 per reception).

Of course, Kitna has also seen Bryant return a pair of punts for touchdowns.