Cowboys running game shows up

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Jason Garrett, the offensive coordinator, has been questioned about why he doesn't call more running plays.

The last two weeks, the Cowboys have run the ball more than they've thrown. And guess what? The Cowboys won both games.

Sunday, the rushed for 134 yards on 30 carries, the most since they gained 141 yards on Oct. 10 in a loss to Tennessee.

It seemed Garrett was trying to make sure the run game wasn't forgotten about on Sunday, especially in the fourth quarter.

The Cowboys rushed for 86 yards on 15 carries in the fourth quarter when they closed the game out.

It's something Garrett has been trying to do most of the season, but it's easier to achieve this when a team is ahead.

"The biggest thing with our running game is we've been closer in games," Garrett said. "We've been behind two or three scores and having to score more quickly. The game has been more balanced and you get to use the whole arsenal of your offense. We've been a physical running team in the past. We were among the best running teams in the league last year, and if we keep the games close or ahead we can continue to do that."

Felix Jones had one of his better games of the season. He was moving his feet well when he looked for holes and had a nice burst when he hit the holes. Marion Barber did a nice job of finishing the game by breaking two tackles for a long run.

Combined, Jones and Barber rushed for 87 total yards.

"It's nice to get Felix the ball. It's nice to get Marion the ball. Tashard [Choice] got a few touches today," Garrett said. "It's nice when you can do that. It takes pressure off your entire team."