Playoffs?! Players playing for jobs

IRVING, Texas -- The 3-7 Cowboys aren’t crazy enough to publicly discuss their prospects of making a push for a playoff berth.

Well, except for Roy Williams, who hints that it’s still possible.

But consider Jon Kitna a voice of reason. He’ll admit to brief daydreams about a storybook finish, but he says it’s foolish to spend any time or energy on that subject. He points out that the Cowboys’ prime motivation the rest of the season should be saving their jobs.

“The reality is they fired our head coach, and that’s an indictment of your football team,” Kitna said. “So any time the coaching staff changes and there’s a new regime, you have a massive turnover of players. I think that’s the biggest motivation, trying to play well and put your best foot forward that way.”

That doesn’t mean it’s every man for himself. The best way for a lot of players to keep their jobs is to make sure Jason Garrett becomes the coach on a full-time basis, which means winning.

“It’s a team thing, not an individual thing,” Kitna said. “If you don’t win football games, heads are going to roll, so to speak. That’s the biggest team motivational factor, I think.”