Bryant: 'I wasn't doing anything wrong'

IRVING, Texas -- The other day we wrote a story about how rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant is maturing on and off the field.

It's been a struggle at times and we understand how 22-year-olds have trouble finding their way.

Bryant, who has described himself as an emotional guy, is taking heat from the media and some fans for some outbursts on the sidelines, notably last Thursday when he went off on a few things.

Bryant was upset at a fourth-quarter penalty called against him and expressed some frustration at not getting the ball due to the coverages of the Saints.

"Just got to work through it," Bryant said of how defenses are focusing on him more. "I feel like someone is going to be open. If they want to double on me, Miles [Austin], or Roy [Williams] or [Jason Witten], somebody is going to be open."

Bryant will tell you he's not trying to disrespect anybody on the sideline, and receivers coach Ray Sherman, who is on the receiving end of these rants, agrees.

Sherman would rather have a player with passion than one who doesn't care, and Bryant cares.

Bryant has said in the past he's always yelling and screaming for his teammates. It goes back to high school and continued in college. And on Sundays you will see Bryant standing on the bench waving a towel trying to pump up the fans and his teammates.

Sometimes the yelling can be perceived as something else, and that bothers Bryant.

"It's very frustrating when some folks get it the wrong way or putting it out the wrong way and not hearing it from the guy first," Bryant said.

After Sunday's game, Bryant declined to speak with reporters, allowing himself to be second-guessed about why he was yelling.

Former Cowboys great Drew Pearson, the original 88, thought Bryant's rant was more about him not getting any catches than whether the team was having success.

Bryant said that's not the case.

"That’s the type of guy I am about football," Bryant said. "I felt like there was nothing wrong. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I felt like it was the game bringing that out of me."

Going forward, Bryant can still be passionate but has to understand that cameras are always on him and if he doesn't speak with reporters, he leaves many to wonder what his thoughts are without having a chance to get it from him.

Hopefully, Bryant will speak with reporters more often about his thoughts. Perception can sometimes be a reality, and for a rookie like Bryant, who is still learning the playbook, he needs to project a positive image of himself.

He is playful with his teammates and reporters, especially when it comes to talking about college football. He needs to show that side more often when dealing with reporters like he did on Wednesday.

And sometimes it's unfair to say what a player is feeling or saying just by looking at it on television or in the press box. We all have to be careful when judging a player from afar.

"I’m just a person who loves to play the game," he said. "Like I said, like coach [Jason] Garrett said, you’ve got to have emotion, passion and a lot of enthusiasm to play this game. That’s just how it is."