Patience key against Peyton Manning

INDIANAPOLIS -- Raise your hand if you were watching Sunday’s game and screaming at the television for the Cowboys to blitz Peyton Manning?

Paul Pasqualoni found out the hard way last year you just can’t come after Manning often and be successful. As Miami’s defensive coordinator last year, Pasqualoni blitzed Manning in the fourth quarter and was beaten for a 48-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon that lost the Dolphins the game.

“You’ve got to be really patient,” Pasqualoni said. “You’ve got to really discipline yourself. If you get too impatient and think you can start blitzing this guy, I know from experience a year ago he’ll beat you fast. You can pressure him, but you better pick your spots and be careful in what you do.”

The Cowboys did not sack Manning and it marked the second time in four games with Pasqualoni calling the defenses that they did not record a sack. The other quarterback that was not sacked: Manning’s younger brother, Eli. It was the second time this year Manning was not sacked. New England failed to bring him down two weeks ago but won the game, 31-28.

“Certainly teams have pressured him some and have had success,” Pasqualoni said. “I just think the guy’s so good you’ve got to mix it in and be careful.”