Cowboys remember Don Meredith fondly

Reaction from Cowboys -- past and present -- to the death of Don Meredith:

Former Cowboys executive Gil Brandt: "This is a guy who was the real face of our organization to start with. He was very responsible for the organization being what it is today because of not only what he brought as a player, but what he brought as a broadcaster.

"Monday Night Football was extremely beneficial to him and pro football because I think Monday Night Football with the three of those people really opened up new avenues to a TV viewer to pro football."

Former Cowboys running back Calvin Hill: "When it was Dandy Don to Bob Hayes, it was those two as much as anybody that put the Cowboys on the map just because of the explosiveness of the offense, and now both of them are gone."

Cowboys interim head coach Jason Garrett: "My dad is a big football guy, and he obviously coached for a long time in this league, so when you're a kid and you're watching Monday Night Football and you start talking about Don Meredith and Frank Gifford and those guys, he has some real strong recollections and feelings about those guys. So we grew up with Don Meredith stories more than anything else."

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