Michael Vick recalls 3 losses to Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- The Eagles are tied for first place in the NFC East with the New York Giants at 8-4.

Some NFL experts believe the Eagles might be one of the best teams in the conference. But as their first meeting of the season against the Cowboys approaches, there is that reminder of what happened to them last year.

The Eagles, despite making the postseason, lost two regular-season games to the Cowboys and the NFC wild card game. In that last regular-season game, the Cowboys dominated the Eagles with a 24-0 win and in the wild card game followed things up with a 34-14 decision.

Quarterback Michael Vick, who was a backup to then-starter Donovan McNabb remembers the three losses to the Cowboys and how painful they were.

It would seem the Eagles, with the NFL's top-ranked offense and 12th-best defense, are playing with some incentive Sunday night.

"If you can't get motivated by that then I don’t know what will motivate you," Vick said Wednesday. "I wasn’t even on the field playing and it hurt me deeply, so I can imagine what the guys who were out there are feeling now. You know it’s not a get-back game, it's a game we've just got to come back out and win."