League rules prevent Bryant from meetings

IRVING, Texas -- Dez Bryant will begin the rehab process soon after undergoing surgery to repair his fractured right fibula on Monday morning, but league rules will prevent the rookie wide receiver from attending meetings.

Because he is on injured reserve Bryant is not allowed to be in the meeting rooms during the week. He can have contact with the coaches and players. The Cowboys want to keep Bryant engaged in the process to help him learn the offense better but Jason Garrett disagreed with the assessment that Bryant had a hard time picking up the playbook.

“There’s just a lot of stuff that young players need to get exposed to as they play and there’s practice exposure and there’s game exposure in doing different things,” Garrett said. “He’s actually a very smart football player and certainly very instinctive and handled things well without a lot of work in training camp. We’ll certainly keep him engaged in what we’re doing. Within the confines of the rules we’ll make sure we expose him to as much as we can expose him too.”