DeSean Jackson's taunt doesn't bother DB

ARLINGTON, Texas – The Dallas defensive back who tried to chase down DeSean Jackson as he headed to the end zone didn’t take offense to the Eagles star’s entrance.

Jackson taunted Orlando Scandrick at the end of his 91-yard touchdown catch and run, turning around and flamboyantly falling backwards into the end zone. Jackson was flagged for excessive celebration after the go-ahead touchdown.

Scandrick wasn’t surprised with Jackson’s actions. They’ve played against each other since they were 8-year-olds in Inglewood, Calif.

“We’re good friends and hang out in the offseason,” Scandrick said. “He’s just being himself. Some people might say a showboat. But we all play this game. It’s fun, and what goes on between those lines gets left out there. Is it disrespectful? Possibly.”

It’s not the first time Jackson, who had four catches for 210 yards, has taunted the Cowboys. But it was the most successful.

As a rookie in 2008, Jackson caught a deep ball behind Pacman Jones and celebrated by flipping the ball backwards. The problem was Jackson had yet to cross the goal line when he let the ball go.

Scandrick, who came from across the field to try to tackle Jackson on the touchdown, believes there’s only one way to shut down his old friend’s showboat act.

“Don’t let him get in the end zone, and he can’t dance,” Scandrick said.