Jerry not ready to look to youngsters

ARLINGTON, Texas -- With Sunday’s loss to Philadelphia the Cowboys are guaranteed of their first losing season since 2004 but owner and general manager Jerry Jones stole a page out of Herm Edwards’ playbook: you play to win the game.

Instead of getting younger players, like Sam Young, Phil Costa or Stephen McGee some snaps, Jones wants to win.

“We want to go into those games, giving us every way we can with the best chance to win,” Jones said. “… I want to put everybody we can out there to win the game.”

Why is it important to finish 7-9?

“It’s important that we feel good about what we’re doing and that’s what it is,” Jones said. “It’s important to me that our fans can see there’s something to feel good about. That’s very important to me. And with what we’ve got ahead of us next year in the offseason I think it’s a plus to make every score, every down we can, so it’s all out for me.”