Cowboys pass on Stephen McGee trial

IRVING, Texas -- Unless Jon Kitna gets hurt, Stephen McGee will spend the rest of the season standing on the sideline.

Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are committed to doing everything possible to win games the rest of this disappointing season. That doesn’t mean playing a second-year quarterback. McGee’s development isn’t a priority.

The problem with that is the Cowboys need to evaluate McGee to determine whether they should use a draft pick on another developmental quarterback. Some in the organization felt McGee should be on the roster bubble after training camp, but he’s come on strong since September.

McGee played the entire preseason finale, leading the Cowboys to a 27-25 win over the Dolphins. He played several series against the Miami starters, hitting Sam Hurd with a 43-yard touchdown pass on one, and finished with 304 yards on 27-of-42 passing.

McGee’s recent scout-team work has also been encouraging. He was named the Cowboys’ scout team player of the week for his work preparing for the Colts. Interim coach Jason Garrett said McGee resembled a young Peyton Manning, half-joking that the question was just how young.

“He certainly has the physical tools,” Garrett said. “His big thing was his inexperience as a drop back passer coming into this league. But he’s someone who works very hard. He’s very committed to getting better each and every day. He’s smart, he studies hard, he watches the veteran guys. He’s certainly made some progress.”

How much progress? The Cowboys wouldn’t know unless McGee gets some game experience, and they don’t plan to find out this season.