Dez Bryant isn't attending meetings

IRVING, Texas – Dez Bryant isn’t attending meetings, but that doesn’t bother receivers coach Ray Sherman.

The Cowboys want Bryant to focus on getting treatment and rehabilitating from a broken right ankle that caused him to undergo surgery and be placed on injured reserve. Bryant’s football development has been put on hold.

Sherman talks to Bryant on a daily basis, but X’s and O’s aren’t part of the discussion. Sherman stresses to Bryant that he needs to follow the orders of the doctors and athletic trainers. They discuss Bryant’s eating habits -- Sherman worries a bit about the receiver's weight -- more than they do the Cowboys’ offensive scheme.

Sherman figures they’ll have plenty of time to focus on football if he Bryant can get healthy and stay fit. Sherman acknowledges that Bryant’s development has been delayed because he missed so many practices due to injuries, and the coach looks forward to working with his prized pupil this offseason.

“You do need it, but when he’s able to come back, especially in the offseason, you can start right from the beginning,” Sherman said. “Now I’ll have him. It’s not like you’re waiting to get him. Now I’ll have him here, so we can start right from the beginning and go through the process to catch him up where he needs to be. I’m not concerned with him.”