Mailbag: Questions about Tony Romo

We have an early game on Sunday between the Cowboys and the Redskins, and it’s the last home game of the year for the Cowboys. It’s also the last NFL game in the $1.2 billion palace until the Super Bowl.

We’ve decided to open the mailbag and get around to some of the best questions of the weekend.

Q: I have been a loyal fan of the Cowboys since the days of Roger Staubach. Am I the only one that is hoping that Jerry Jones will get rid of [Tony] Romo? He is by far the most inconsistent quarterback that Dallas has ever had. He does not have control of the huddle, and he does project the leadership qualities that quarterbacks must have in order to be a leader of the offense. Romo averages at least one interception a half. If Dallas wants to truly improve their offense and contend for championships they need to take a hard look at QB and the defensive line. -- Matthew Ramage (Norfolk, Va.)

A: Matthew why are you so negative on Romo? Your memory is lacking. Chad Hutchinson, Quincy Carter, Drew Henson, Vinny Testaverde and Drew Bledsoe all threw passes for the Cowboys after Troy Aikman. You can debate if Bledsoe is better than Romo in his prime, but it’s clear the Cowboys got Bledsoe when he was past his. Romo is the best thing the team has going right now at quarterback. If you want to say he’s not a better leader than Jon Kitna, that’s fine, but long-term Romo is the best option for the Cowboys at this position.

Q: Calvin, How do you see Felix Jones performing vs. Washington? Do you think he might be set up to have a big afternoon, or will [Tashard] Choice and [Marion] Barber rob him of touches and goal line carries? -- Lou (Round Rock, Texas)

A: I don’t believe Marion Barber is going to play Sunday due to his calf injury. So that means Jones, who has averaged 5.2 yards per carry in four career starts, will start and get another chance to prove he can become the full-time starter in 2011. One of the ways the Cowboys can use Jones is on screen passes, which he’s had success at. But Jones struggles in small spaces, and the Cowboys need to get him room in larger area so he can make defenders miss. If this happens Sunday, Jones has an opportunity to have a good game.

Q: I have been a major Cowboys fan all of my blessed life. So what, if any, are the plans to correct the HUGE problem in the secondary. Going into the season that was supposed to be one of our strongest areas, but turns out one of the worst, I think, in the NFL. Horrible basic tackling skills, blown coverages, and finally average at best cover skills from our corners that being [Mike] Jenkins and [Terence] Newman. And let’s not get to the unsafe safeties. Orlando Scandrick seems to be playing the best at the corner position. Please tell me help will be on the way. -- Shon (Atlanta)

A: At the start of the season the secondary position had an issue at free safety due to the release of Ken Hamlin and how the team moved Alan Ball into the starting lineup. Ball has struggled at times this season, though he’s played well the last few weeks. The cornerback spot wasn’t a concern at the start of the year with Newman and Jenkins coming off Pro Bowl years. Orlando Scandrick and Newman played consistent but not great. Jenkins has struggled. He’s not making as many plays on the ball as he did last season, and that could change in the final three weeks of the regular season. The Cowboys most likely will draft a safety, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a cornerback is also taken in the latter rounds. A new safety is necessary for this team either in the draft or free agency.