Romo-less Cowboys lighting it up

The Cowboys still haven’t ruled out Tony Romo returning this season, but Jerry Jones came pretty close Sunday afternoon.

Jones acknowledged that Romo isn’t healthy enough to practice, much less play in a game, and said the quarterback’s recovery from a broken left collarbone isn’t progressing as quickly as hoped. Given those circumstances, it’d be ridiculous to even consider playing Romo in one of the last two games.

It’s debatable whether the possibility of Romo returning at the end of this disappointing season ever made sense.

The one rational reason for Romo to have played in the last couple of games – if healthy – would have been to allow Jones to get the best possible evaluation of interim coach Jason Garrett. However, Jones doesn’t need to see his franchise quarterback under center to judge Garrett’s worthiness of a candidate to become the full-time head coach.

The Cowboys’ offense has done just fine with Jon Kitna as the fill-in starter. Dallas is averaging 32.2 points per game during Garrett’s six games in charge. By comparison, the New England Patriots lead the NFL with 31.9 points per game this season.