Teddy Williams: from the track to the field

IRVING, Texas -- A year ago at this time Teddy Williams was getting ready for a track workout and his first indoor meet at UT-San Antonio in January. Now he’s getting ready to play against Arizona on Christmas night with the Cowboys.

Signed on July 29 after not playing football since high school after an outstanding track career, Williams made the Cowboys practice squad as a cornerback, made a position switch to wide receiver last week and was called upon to take Tony Romo’s roster spot on Tuesday.

He is the eighth practice squad player to be called up by the Cowboys this year.

“The way I believe in myself and with my competitive nature, I always feel like I have a chance somewhere,” Williams said. “When the coaches switched my position, I was like, OK, just start over and move forward. So I just moved forward. I went out there and stuck my cleat in the ground and put my hands up to catch the ball.”

The biggest adjustment has been getting used to how the plays are called.

“One of the craziest things was how long the offensive plays are,” Williams said. “It’s been so long, I was used to stuff like, Will Wink 4. When I got to offense, it was like a sentence.”


“Slot right, java left, 429 H cross F go, I was like, ‘Whoa!’” Williams said. “And that was one of the short plays…But it’s cool, though.”