Garrett: Barber knows better

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Cowboys thought they solved their post-touchdown celebration penalty issues after Marc Colombo hit the deck with a chest bump and Sam Hurd did a rock star sign on two separate incidents.

But the bug struck again Saturday night after Marion Barber celebrated his 24-yard touchdown run by yanking his helmet off as he ran toward the sidelines. He was penalized for excessive celebration.

It's the third time this season it's happened to the Cowboys.

"We made a lot of mistakes, and those mistakes beat you," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the 27-26 loss. "Barber taking his helmet off, a veteran taking his helmet off. But he was excited about it. I understand. We all understand he jumps in there and what have you, but you lose games doing that."

Interim coach Jason Garrett said Barber had a strong game against the Cardinals in rushing for 58 yards on eight carries. But Garrett wasn't happy with the penalty.

"Yeah, disappointing, disappointing," Garrett said. "Marion got a chance to come back and play in this ballgame coming off an injury, and I thought he played well. He ran well, obviously that was a big play in the game, the long touchdown run that he had. He's an emotional guy and sometimes the emotions get the best of players, and that’s unfortunate. We talk about the importance of maintaining your poise and composure in that situation. He knows better. It's not going to happen again."