No benching for Marion Barber

IRVING, Texas -- After scoring a third quarter touchdown that cut the Arizona Cardinals' lead to 21-20, Cowboys running back Marion Barber was penalized for excessive celebration for taking his helmet off as he ran toward the sidelines.

It's the third time this season that's the Cowboys have been flagged for excessive celebration, and interim coach Jason Garrett said he was disappointed in what Barber did, considering it's happened to Marc Colombo and Sam Hurd.

Garrett, however, said it will not happen again and didn't think about benching Barber for his act during the game.

"Well, one of the things we wanted to do was address it immediately," Garrett said. "He obviously made a heck of a good run. He’s a very emotional player. But you have to channel those emotions. And he was excited about making that play for us in the game and how it could contribute to our success going forward in the game and he just made a poor decision. He let his emotions get the best of him and he came over and probably apologized 50 times before I even came close to him. And he knew what he did and he knew it was a mistake."

Garrett and Barber have an interesting relationship.

In the first game of the Garrett era, he fined Barber for violating the dress code policy. He benched him for one play at the start of the Giants game.

At times you see Garrett pat Barber on the back for a good job or during pregame warmups, which happened on Saturday night in Glendale, Ariz. But with Barber committing this penalty, you have a feeling that Garrett is fed up with his starting running back.

"We needed to somehow rectify the situation by picking him up with our special teams and picking him up with our defense," Garrett said. "And continue to go out there and score points offensively and give ourselves a chance to win. It was a mistake and he knew it and we had to move forward from it. "