Win more important than draft spot

IRVING, Texas -- Jerry Jones did not care about the draft spots the Cowboys lost by winning Sunday at Philadelphia. Neither did Jason Garrett.

“I just think it’s a loser’s mentality to say, ‘We want to lose games so we get a better draft pick,’” Garrett said. “I think the league is littered with players who were drafted at pick 199 and they go on to be Hall of Fame players. To say that the ninth pick is any worse than the sixth pick or the 13th pick or whatever it is, you want to win ballgames and the draft order will shake itself out.”

I don’t think it’s a coincidence Garrett chose “pick 199.” New England picked Tom Brady with that pick in 2000.

Garrett’s correct about the loser’s mentality. Do you think the players would willingly go through the motions to lose?

The draft position, “was the last thing I’m thinking about,” wide receiver Miles Austin said after the game. “You’ve got to win as many games as you can.”